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Testing And Certification

Being a relatively new consumer market, finding suitable certifications can be a problem. Nevertheless, there are a few independent certification organizations that take the onus of certifying inversion tables.

Underwriters Laboratories

UL certification is by far, the most extensively used certification among Inversion Table manufacturers. Underwriters Laboratories address the safety and performance aspect and being an independent organization it is free from any sort of bias. In fact, UL has been in the certification business for well over a century. The UL 1647 standard exclusively deals with inversion tables, testing it for real world usage and evaluating specific key factors like weight load, cycle minimums, rotation under extreme duress, ankle restraint endurance and much more. Unfortunately, not all brands meet UL certification.

Dyanmark Engineering

Some time back, an independently sponsored product quality test was done by Dyanmark Engineering taking all the leading inversion tables at the time into account. While this particular test was never advertised or elaborately paraded around, it still serves as a nice indicator on brand and table trust. Their certification is for static load and cycle testing.

The most trusted brands or rather inversion tables based on the above two certification entities are Teeter, Stamina and Ironman in order of decreasing scores.

Customer Service

For first time buyers, an Inversion Table can be an overwhelming experience. Hence, having complete support of the company is a must in order to extract the most from the table. Naturally, it becomes pertinent to purchase from a reputable brand that is renowned for its product support and service, preferably having a live customer support line open 24/7. Thankfully, all brands detail their customer service information on their websites or on the product manual/warranty booklet.


Like we mentioned previously, do not expect a long warranty with inversion tables. Many actually provide just 60 to 90 days coverage on all components. However, some do provide a lifetime warranty on the frame integrity and 6 months to 1 year on individual components. Teeter Hang Ups has the longest warranty cover of 5 years followed by Stamina, Ironman, Body Champ respectively.


Scour the web, find sites that consumers use to review inversion tables. There are plenty of places and those with the best testimonials are usually the ones with best customer support. To aid our readers, we have tested a large collection of popular inversion tables and addressed various factors such as ease of assembly, balance, stability, durability, ease of use, comfort and much more. Do read our reviews to get an up-to date testimonial.

Read the next section where we discuss Durability and Sturdiness as the third criteria of our Buyer’s Guide.

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Inversion Table Reviews
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