Comforts and Discomforts of Inversion Tables

Whenever someone purchases a new exercise machine or equipment, inevitably there are doubts in the mind. You are unsure about its efficiency, user – friendliness, the results that it would yield, comfort and the problematic areas. Only after regular usage does one find suitable clarifications for the numerous doubts. With inversion tables also, it is no different.

One very important aspect of inversion table is its comfort. If the table is not satisfactorily comfortable, it would just become another piece of furniture in the house. Usually inversion tables are designed with the intention to maximize comfort and harvest the best results.

inversion table comforts discomforts


  • The foremost comfort zone of an inversion table is its backrest. Since you are to lie down on it for several minutes at a stretch and invert your body, it should not feel like lying directly on a metal frame. It is essential that the backrest is adequately padded or foamed and if possible backed with an additional headrest.
  • Another paramount feature is the ankle support. Even if the backrest feels like a comfy mattress, if the ankle supports or clamps are physically agonizing, the inversion table is futile. The ankle supports ought to be ergonomic, thickly padded with secure locks so that they do not put unnecessary strain on the feet.
  • For a novice user it may be difficult initially to maintain the desired angle of inversion or to maintain proper balance. Tether straps for adjusting the angles or a button for pre – set angle adjustment definitely make the experience more comfortable.
  • Long traction handles are also an added advantage. They help in comfortably changing the angle or ascending to higher angles and sometimes even facilitate in doing crunches.


  • The biggest complaint of inversion table users are the ankle supports. Since your feet are not used to the strain, initially it is bound to cause a certain amount of pain. The discomfort lies in the fact that if the ankle supports are not ergonomic enough, you have to wear thick socks or gravity boots or good quality sports shoes while using the table to diminish the pain. The gravity boots being, of course, an added expense.
  • One more element of displeasure could be the height of the backrest. Most inversion tables come with height adjustments of up to 6’6”. However, there are few which have a lower height limit.
  • Another major area of discomfort is the feeling of giddiness, nausea and head rush that some people experience, more so when the angle of inversion is a complete 180 degrees. To beat this, one has to just figure out the right angle of inversion.

You may probably not find the perfect miraculous inversion table because each one has its own pros and cons. But nonetheless it works wonders for your body. All you have to do is weigh the pros and cons, test the comfort and discomfort areas and settle on the one that suits you the best.

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