Does The Brand Matter?

You can identify reliability, customer service and quality of any product by the Brand name associated with it. However, in the case of Inversion Tables, this isn’t always the case. Unlike say blenders or treadmills, where brand names have carved a niche for well over a decade or two, inversion table, as a niche is relatively new in the consumer market. Previously, these tables were only purchased by chiropractors or masseurs. Today they are in hot demand among the common public.

The very first question is well, what constitutes the perfect brand image? We believe it is a combination of many factors such as age of the brand, pricing, place of manufacture, customer service, consumer awareness and customer feedback. Take a look below for some more information.

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Age Of The Brand

There are many Inversion Table brands that are no more than a decade old. This is especially true for those made in China (irrespective of whether they are a Chinese brand or US). Accordingly, we believe the most trusted brands in terms of age are Teeter Hang Ups, Stamina and Ironman. While the later does manufacture a few models in China, it is relatively older than competing Chinese based brands.


Just because one brands costs twice as much as another doesn’t necessarily give it an impressive brand name. In fact, In our eyes, brands that follow a consumer oriented pricing policy stand out as trustworthy names. Accordingly we believe, Teeter Hang Ups and Body Champ are the winners here.

Place Of Manufacture

Let’s face it, given another decade, even our toothpaste will be made in China! For as long as domestic production exists, we will continue to rank our trusted brands based on where they base their manufacturing units. The only two winners with regards to this criteria are Stamina and Teeter (Note, not all their models are made in the US).

Customer Service

We will be discussing this a bit further in the next segments of the buying guide but for the topic at hand, we believe none of the brands that make inversion table really differentiate themselves with outstanding customer service or support. Most provide a decent cover and support.

Consumer Awareness

Quite possibly the biggest deciding factor among buyers is just how aware they are of a particular brand name. Thankfully, inversion table as a market isn’t older than a couple of decades and hence no single brand has stolen the show, yet! Teeter and Stamina however are slowly edging ahead in the race.

Customer Feedback

Just based on the brand name, it is kind of hard figuring out which company takes the onus for best customer feedback. Almost all brands have one particular model that scores high on reviews while all other are either mediocre or passable. If we were to hedge all our bets on a single brand, we would surely lose.

So does the brand really matter? In our opinion, it matters to the extent of what you are comfortable with. If you don’t have qualms about trying Chinese manufactured tables, or limited warranties then the brand really doesn’t play any role in satisfying your needs.


Read the next section, where we discuss Certifications and Customer Service as a criteria for your selection.

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