Is It Sturdy And Durable?

Once you have purchased an inversion table, the testimonials, brand image and customer support – none of it matters. What matters now is just how durable and sturdy the table is. Companies, far and wide often make promises of durability, grouping it with portability but the fact is a portable inversion table will be lighter and made of inferior metals. This in turn translates to weaker structural integrity. Often, the folding joints of an inversion table are its weakest links.

So, if you want something durable and sturdy, go for a heavy and less portable design.

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Weight Machines

Think of an inversion table as a weight machine. In order to invert you, support your weight, it ought to have a stable structure and the ability to distribute your entire body weight across its entire surface area. Add to this the fact that in an inverted posture, your ankles will bear most of the weight and hence the brunt of the exercise.


Quite naturally, the frame becomes the first focal point with regards to durability. Look out for brands that offer lifetime warranty on the frame and that can handle partial inversion. Such frames are sturdily built and have a wider footprint. Also, keep an eye out for the maximum and minimum weight restrictions. As a rule of thumb, wider the footprint of the table, greater is its stability. This is especially true for folks with a wider gait.

Clamps And Platform

Your body isn’t designed to invert naturally and hence the table has to hold you in an inverted posture using a proper platform and the right set of clamps. Usually, you secure your upper body on a comfortable and cushioned platform while the clamps attach to your ankle and feet. Make sure the platform is adjustable in height and width while the clamps are capable of grasping your ankles tightly but with enough wiggle room. The idea here is not to suffocate your ankles but to comfortably keep you stable in an inverted posture. Also take a look at padded knee bars, if you feel an ankle clamp will be too uncomfortable. These are third party add-ons.

Back Pads

While thicker back padding is more comfortable, it isn’t necessarily better. Instead of the quantity, go for quality. Many low grade inversion tables pack a lot of foam into their back padding, which eventually runs thin and loses its texture. This can cause back pain rather than alleviate it.

There are some brands that allow changing of the back pads for more freedom from exercise routines. Honeycomb design, molded mesh beds are the latest fad.


If you go for a motorized inversion table, then make sure it has a sturdy motor. After all, motorized tables are no use if the motor itself fails.

Vibration Padding

Not necessary but vibration pads are a nice add-on feature. Not all inversion table brands come with vibration pads but many offer add-on purchases to convert your daily inversion therapy experience into one with home masseur service. Also keep an eye out for models with handbrakes to help stabilize the table as you mount and dismount.


Instead of portability, having a larger footprint with a stable base and more features is always a better deal breaker. Inversion tables that last long usually provide superior support at the behest of reduced support.

Read the next section, where we discuss Extra Features as a criteria for your selection.

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