Extra Features To Look For In Your Inversion Table

Having covered the basic things to look for in an inversion table, the last remaining piece of the puzzle is what more can you ask from an inversion table. Let us call these as specialized features.

The rule of thumb here is not to be wooed by extravagant claims or outrageous features.

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To Buy Or Not To Buy

Looks are always deceiving. Just because an inversion table looks futuristic and funky doesn’t necessarily mean it will be ergonomic or even comfortable. Remember the vital criteria we stated in the last three parts before you decide your purchase based on the factors we will discuss here. After all, inversion has got nothing to do with added benefits or features. Having said that, some specialized features such as auto-locking hinges, squeak free bearings and rollers, heat-treated steel are definitely a boon since they add to the usability and integrity of the unit.

Extra Inversion Benefit

Does the table provide multiple inversion angles? This is the first additional benefit you ought to ask. Next, can it help reduce surface friction, help achieve a full stretch? Does the table balance with precision allowing minor exercises in the inverted posture? How effective is it in oscillation (oscillating helps increase fluid exchange to the discs and other soft joint tissues)?

Support Material

If you don’t know how to drive, even the most ergonomically design car will be just a showpiece. Likewise, without the right support material an inversion table is only half the solution. It must come with an elaborate set of documents and DVDs outlining how to use the table, various components, the warranty cover, exercises one can perform on it and more. The user guide must have illustrations to help quickly master the table.

Return Policy

While not every manufacturer will accept returns, having this in your arsenal is a definite advantage. Take for example, Amazon forces all the manufacturers to consider returns if the consumer explicitly requests it in the first couple of months.

Personal Budget

How much can you pay? This may be an important question to base your purchase decision on but do not make it the only criteria. Skimping out on investment can come back to hurt your back rather than bettering it. Decent quality inversion tables often cost over $150 and the best ones usually come for over $200.

Your Body Type

Inversion tables have specific user thresholds, both in weight and height. Most usually allow a variance of 5 to 6.6 feet and below 250 pounds. If you fall outside of this normal category look for tables that satisfy your specific body type.

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Inversion Table Reviews
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