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Without a doubt, modern man has become a victim of his circumstances. We sit all day long; we watch television all day long; we play video games for hours on end, and we don’t get as much exercise as we need. When you combine the myriad of these afflictions and then add the fact that people are spending so much time on their feet and feeling the effects of gravity, it all comes together to cause a tremendous issue that most people would prefer to avoid. While life is certainly as pleasant as it’s ever been, there is actually a way to further enhance your quality of life, and it is somewhat counter intuitive. No, it doesn’t cost any incredible amount of money, and it won’t be a considerable drain on your lifestyle whatsoever. The solution to the problem is actually a patented and new therapy called inversion therapy. Rather than doing things the old fashioned way, you can utilize the many of the inversion table benefits out there are you can now invert yourself to get into the best shape of your life. It’s not an exercise therapy, per se, but it will make you feel better than ever before.

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Inversion Table Therapy Benefits:

It’s simple: the theory is that if your head is lower than your heart, it actually has a whole host of incredible health benefits. Traditionally, when people have health problems they go to a medical practitioner. Because most medical practitioners are very limited in terms of what they can actually provide you with, your solutions are often very limited. These individuals will basically tell you that you have two options: live with the pain you’re experiencing, or you can have a surgery to try and address the problems. Because of the limited amount of solutions available to you, it’s sometimes a depressing prospect to think that this is all you have left as far as choices are concerned.

But thankfully, inversion back therapy can change all of this. It’s not only one of the most revolutionary treatments in the world, but it’s a treatment that actually works. And when you compare it to back surgery or any host of other traditional medicine options, it’s incredibly cost-effective and painless. In fact, it can actually dramatically improve your pain symptoms to where they may not even exist anymore. Plain and simple, inversion back therapy works and is incredibly effective. Still not convinced?

Well here are all the ways that inversion back therapy can make a big difference in your life.

Avoid Back Pain Surgery:

Most people’s backs are not fully-developed to the extent that they can contract and support themselves. This is primarily where a lot of back pain comes from: people with underdeveloped stabilizer muscles that are struggling to support themselves. The end result is that people can have a lot of chronic pain.

And as a result of this pain, most people tend to get back surgery done. But believe it or not, it’s possible to avoid back surgery from inversion therapy alone. That’s because it engages the muscles that normally have to get surgically repaired, but it does it in a way that doesn’t disrupt or cause more damage to the muscles.

Oftentimes, an inversion therapist will lay you on your back on an inversion table. This means that you can comfortably lie back and feel the benefits of the inversion therapy, which can sometimes be immediately felt after just one session. This is completely different from a lot of other therapies which might advocate for painful or expensive rehabilitation, but with inversion therapy, you can literally lie back on the table and feel the amazing benefits after just one session. And once that’s done, you might find that you can completely get away from the idea of having a surgery.

More Than Just Back Pain

inversion cures backpain

More Than Just Back Pain

Inversion therapy is so amazing that you can literally avoid expensive back surgery after just one session, but despite the amazing effects of this therapy, there are a whole host of other ways that it can immediately help you. Rather than just fixing your back, inversion therapy can help with a whole host of other issues. As one study conducted by a team of scientists from the Canadian Chiropractic Agency showed, inversion therapy can actually reduce stress. This can ensure that if you’re still just feeling one sort of pain, you can feel another rather immediately. This makes inversion back therapy your best option for solving any number of health ailments. Aside from just pain alone, inversion therapy is also good for your lymphatic system, the part of the body responsible for detoxification, as shown by numbers of other studies.

But most importantly, if you’re looking to avoid surgery, that’s another great reason to try inversion therapy. One study conducted by Newcastle General Hospital in England proved that by using inversion therapy, over 70-percent of their patients were able to reduce or completely back pain without having surgery done.

Overall, this is an amazing therapy that you have to try whether you’re looking to eliminate pain, reduce stress, or avoid surgery.

Muscular Recomposition:

One of the most important ways that inversion back therapy can help with back pain is the concept of muscular recomposition. This is a fancy way of describing the process in which your back muscles rediscover themselves and get back to work. In other words, most people’s backs are not fully-developed to the extent that they can contract and support themselves. This is primarily where a lot of back pain comes from: people with under-developed stabilizer muscles that are struggling to support themselves. The end result is that people can have a lot of chronic pain.

And because they are in pain, it’s too late to work those muscles and activate the stabilizers so they can do their job again. This is very important to understand, because, all too often, people assume that by simply leaving the stabilizers alone, they will magically get back to work and feel better again. This is patently false. However, with inversion therapy, you can regain your independence and pain-free life yet again.

Oftentimes, an inversion therapist will lay you on your back on an inversion table. This means that you can comfortably lie back and feel the benefits of the inversion therapy, which can sometimes be immediately felt after just one session.  This is completely different from a lot of other therapies which might advocate for painful or expensive rehabilitation, but with inversion therapy, you can literally lie back on the table and feel the amazing benefits after just one session.

Relieves Sciatic Nerve Pain:

A lot of different things can cause sciatic nerve pain. Herniated discs in your back’s lumbar region is one possibility. Muscles that have become tightly contracted in your lumbar region, which puts pressure against your sciatic nerve, is another scenario. Spondylolisthesis is another condition that can cause sciatic nerve pain.

There are other possibilities, but all of them essentially mean the same thing. Sciatic nerve pain can often be quite severe, in terms of causing discomfort, pain, or even mobility issues. Again, there are surgeries that are designed to deal with sciatic nerve pain. However, these surgeries are risky. Even when they are successful, they do not always alleviate the pain to a significant degree. In some cases, the surgery is flat-out unsuccessful. While you are waiting to find out if the surgery even worked, you are still going to have to manage pain and discomfort.

Inversion tables can work to relieve sciatic nerve pain in the same way they work on herniated discs. Decompression can help to return the vertebrae to their proper place. This not only relieves the pain and discomfort, but it also goes a long way towards treating the underlying causes, as well. It is ultimately safer and more affordable than surgery.

Repairs Herniated Discs & Relieves Herniated Disc Pain:

When it comes to inversion table benefits, herniated discs are right at the top of the list for many people. Herniated disc pain can vary from mild to absolutely debilitating.

Soft discs separate each of the vertebrae in our bodies. Not only are these discs responsible for functioning as shock absorbers, but they are also essential for allowing nerves from your spinal cord to exit backbones without pinching. The problem emerges when gravity down on the vertebrae and discs. This occurs over the course of a day spent sitting and walking around. As your vertebrae are forced to be closer together, compression of the discs will occur. A jelly-like center within your discs can bulge out if this compression goes on long enough. This is what is known as a herniated disc, and it can put a great deal of pressure on your spinal cord. This is why a herniated disc is always something that should be taken seriously.

Almost inevitably, the pain associated with a herniated disc is going to become more than the individual can stand. At this point, surgery is going to be recommended. It is important to understand that this is a viable option, in the sense that the odds are good that it will alleviate your condition.

Unfortunately, surgery is expensive. Even with insurance, more often than not, we are talking about a procedure that can cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Then you have to consider the fact that while the success rate with this surgery is quite good, it is far from perfect. There are a number of risks to the surgery, as well. You also have to consider the long, often painful recovery times that are associated with this type of surgery. Depending on the severity of your condition, we could be talking about something that lasts for months. On top of all of this, you must understand that while the surgery is effective, it doesn’t address the underlying concerns. Meaning that you could suffer again in the future.

Taking all of this into account, and throwing in the added danger of addictive prescription drugs to manage pain, it is worth learning more about inversion tables for herniated disc pain. Inversion therapy offers a gentle-yet-significant effort towards decompression of your vertebrae. Pressure leaves your pinched nerves. You will begin to feel a reduction of pain/discomfort, and it won’t even take very long to get to those results.

Correcting Scoliosis & Reducing Pain From Scoliosis:

One of the most shocking things about Scoliosis: A shocking EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT of all Scoliosis cases are unknown, in terms of what the cause might be. This comes to us from the National Scoliosis Foundation. The fact that so few cases are truly understood makes the subject of treatment challenging. At best, it can be extremely difficult to understand the causes of Scoliosis. At worst, an inability to figure out the cause of Scoliosis can put a patient’s health at risk.

Scoliosis refers to a side-ways curvature of your spine. It occurs most frequently during the spurt of growth that occurs right before puberty. It is true that Scoliosis can come from conditions like Cerebral Palsy or Muscular Dystrophy. However, there are many, many Scoliosis cases in which those conditions are not present. Therefore, it is very difficult to understand and treat the condition accurately. While most cases of Scoliosis are fairly mild, it can worsen in some cases. Spine deformities can begin to appear, and they can get worse as time goes on. In the most severe cases, Scoliosis can limit the amount of space in the chest area. This can make it hard for the lungs to function.

For most children, treatment isn’t even necessary. A brace is sometimes recommended. Nonetheless, if the condition is found, doctors will often want to keep a close eye on the child. In adulthood, Scoliosis can cause a lot of problems.

While the cause can be difficult to determine, many believe that inversion tables can deal with the problem. With inversion tables/therapy, you are treating several problems at the same time. Since inversion therapy works on so many different levels, it has been noted that over time, it can even correct the condition itself. Inversion tables/therapy hasn’t gotten quite as much traction as we would like for those who suffer from Scoliosis, but there is no question that this subject is worth examining in greater detail. An increasing number of individuals suffering from Scoliosis have used inversion tables to treat their condition. So far, the results are extremely encouraging. The number of people who come to realize that inversion therapy can treat this condition is increasing with each passing day.

As far as some patients and health professionals are concerned, it is only a matter of time before harder data backs up the belief that inversion therapy can reduce pain, perhaps even correct, Scoliosis.

Reduces Osteoarthritis Pain & Prevents Osteoarthritis:

Over 27 million people in the United States are affected by Osteoarthritis, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Inflammation, combined with normal wear and tear of daily life, can wage a terrible war on your cartilage. The cushioning eventually grows thin enough to cause pain or discomfort. In many cases, this cushioning can disappear completely. Although considered a non-threatening chronic disease, it can certainly diminish the quality of an individual’s life.

An inversion table can reduce the pain. It can also slow down Osteoarthritis. In some cases, it can even stop Osteoarthritis altogether. In others, a legitimate reversal can actually occur.

Reduces Headaches:

One of the worst things about headaches is the fact that they can come from just about anywhere. Physical conditions can cause headaches. Stress can cause headaches. Simply sleeping on your neck in a strange way can cause headaches. Unfortunately, many suffer from these headaches chronically. There are even those who have to deal with constant migraines.

Inversion tables can work on a few different levels when it comes to treating headaches. It can realign your spine to reduce spasms, relax the muscles in the face/skull, and decrease the amount of stress that you might be feeling. Inversion therapy also improves circulation.

Eases Fibromyalgia Symptoms:

Once again, we are talking about a condition in which the exact causes are frequently not known. To that end, we also can’t say for certain why inversion tables work well with this condition. Yet at the same time, there are a number of individuals suffering from Fibromyalgia who have reported positive results from using inversion therapy for Fibromyalgia.

Some believe that those who suffer from Fibromyalgia have higher levels of cortisol in their systems, and then lower levels of serotonin. Inversion therapy/tables have been proven to improve the balance between your serotonin and cortisol. This could be the reason why inversion tables can ease Fibromyalgia symptoms.

Cervical Spinal Stenosis:

The narrowing of your spinal cord in your neck vertebrae is known as cervical spinal stenosis. Stiff necks are one of the symptoms. Eventually, it can move into your shoulders, and it can even begin to move down your back. Ligaments thickening in this area is a major cause. Osteoarthritic damages your cartilage

Inversion therapy/tables can work to ease the pain and discomfort experienced by those who have this condition. The work here can stretch, relax the ligaments, which in turn can ease the symptoms that someone might be experiencing. In some cases, the treatment can even bring essential nourishment to your cartilage.

Realigns Your Spine After Workouts:

When we talk about the physical benefits of using an inversion table, we come back again and again to the subject of decompression. If you are someone who works out, decompression is something that should be of interest to you. Inversion therapy uses decompression to help realign your spine after a workout.

Improves Posture Quickly:

Remember when your teacher or parent would tell you to stand up straight? Slouching isn’t just something that looks distasteful to some. Over the years, slouching can take a serious toll on your body on a number of levels. Bad posture can put your neck and back to a point of serious, damaging compression. This not only puts things out of alignment, but it can also create stress around the surrounding muscles. After a certain point, your body will become “used” to this, due to what is known as muscle memory. Taking all of these things into account, the wear and tear on your body can become more substantial as time goes on. All of this combined can make it really difficult to restore your posture to its best form, regardless of how much effort you put forward.

An inversion table can help. It can go a long way towards decompressing the area, which can relax your body to the point of making it easier to maintain better posture. As time goes on, your posture will continue to improve. With good posture, you are talking about a number of meaningful health benefits. Inversion therapy will produce encouraging results very quickly.

Improves Flexibility & Range of Motion:

Tight muscles and stiffened joints are common for those who have poor flexibility and/or range of motion. This can throw the mechanics of your body out of whack, and the odds of injury can increase a great deal. To maintain a flexible spine, what you ultimately need to do is keep the discs well-hydrated, while maintaining healthy levels of the jelly material that can be found at your core. The problem emerges when gravity pulls on the vertebrae so much during our daily routine, the jelly is moved out through your discs.

Most of us sleep in the horizontal position. This decompresses things to a certain degree, and the fluid makes its way back to your discs. However, this fluid is never refilled to a beneficial, meaningful extent. As we get older, we starting losing an increasing amount of this jelly. This is why we get less flexible, as we get older.

An inversion table restores the balance. Natural stretching with one of these tables will elongate your muscles, while also decompressing the joints. Your muscles become more efficient. Your flexibility improves. The range of motion improves, as well. The decompression helps to restore more fluid than under normal circumstances.

Improves/Speeds Up Recovery After Workouts:

Working out benefits your body in a variety of different ways. At the same time, it can also put a lot of wear and tear on our bones and muscles. Combining your workout with an inversion table can offset the damage that physical activity can do to our bodies over the long term.

Improves Your Lung Function:

When we are in the upright position, blood tends to start pooling in your lower lungs. Inversion therapy can work against that fact. The more blood that pools in your lower lungs, the more damage that can potentially occur. Inversion therapy can redistribute this blood to the upper portion of your lungs. This provides more oxygen, while also improving the general function of your lungs. This is one of the biggest benefits to your respiratory system that you are going to come across. However, there are several other ways inversion tables can improve the function and general health of your respiratory system.

Helps To Clear Your Sinuses:

Is it true that inversion tables can help to clear up your sinuses, as well? Absolutely. There are two benefits to inversion tables that can be connected to helping you to clear up your sinuses. Inversion therapy works to improve your circulation. This, in turn, gives your nasal passages the high-quality, fully-oxygenated blood they require. This keeps the nasal passages moist, and it allows them to function far more efficiently.

The benefits continue. An inversion table will make it so that more blood is going to work at flowing into your head. This is only temporary, but the effort will help your nasal passages to flush our as needed.

Helps You Breathe Easier:

Inverting can improve your diaphragm on a number of different levels. When your diaphragm is stronger, you are going to find that it is much easier to breathe. Furthermore, you are going to find yourself taking much deeper breaths, as well. This is going to fill the lower part of your lungs with air more frequently.

With the lower portion of the lungs, we are talking about a pristine area that is better overall at collecting oxygen. In other words, when your breathing improves, more oxygen will reach important areas throughout the whole of your body, like your vital organs and brain.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Symptoms Reduced:

At the moment, there is not a great deal of research on the impact of inversion tables on premenstrual syndrome (also known as PMS). However, there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence. Given that there are no significant risks to inversion therapy, there is nothing at all wrong with trying inversion therapy as a means of dealing with the symptoms of PMS.

Inversion therapy can provide healing benefits to your endocrine system. This can help to better regulate the hormones that impact PMS to one degree or another. Inversion therapy can also provide a good deal of help with depression and anxiety.

Boosts Creative Thinking:

This may sound a little strange, but it is absolutely true. Inversion tables can actually boost an individual’s creativity. The way in which this is accomplished is really quite impressive, as well. Improving circulation throughout your body means a number of things. Perhaps most importantly, it can also mean your brain is going to get more of the high-quality blood it truly needs.

Inverting ourselves sends more oxygen to the brain, as well. With these things working together, it is not odd in the least to experience a natural boost in your creativity. It can also improve your overall mood.

Helps With Depression, Mood Swings, & SAD:

Millions and millions of people around the world suffer from depression. In certain parts of the world, it is nothing short of an epidemic. Similar thoughts can be applied to mood swings. We also cannot forget that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is something else that impacts a great many people from a wide range of backgrounds.

An inversion table can help with all of those things. This is another of the major benefits of using an inversion table that deserves to get more attention. Yoga has been established as a major way to effectively battle depression. While an inversion table is not the exact same thing as yoga, a lot of the same elements are in play. Improving circulation means you are improving the flow of both blood and oxygen. Improving these things will not necessarily destroy your depression, mood swings, and SAD, but it can give you a much stronger foundation to manage these things. Studies indicate that those who suffer from depression and similar conditions can use inversion therapy to improve their state in several different ways. Many believe it also helps that inversion therapy work to release endorphins while we are using them, which also helps depression.

Helps Keep You More Mentally Alert:

Increasing blood flow, oxygen, and glucose to the brain can improve your mental alertness. Studies show that those who utilize inversion therapy on a regular basis improve their mental alertness by as much as fourteen percent. This is another benefit that appears quickly.

Improves Heart Function:

When you are using an inversion table, your heart isn’t going to need to work as hard as it normally would. Not surprisingly, this fact can be made into a rather appealing benefit. When you are inverting, you are also giving your heart the rest it desperately needs. As blood rushes to your head, your heart gets the message to slow down. In doing so, you can make your heart stronger than ever before.

However, if you have any heart conditions, you will want to talk to a doctor, before using an inversion table for any of the reasons that have been covered so far.

Improves Circulation:

We have mentioned the benefit of improved circulation a few times, but it is something that is well worth bringing up again. Inversion tables will begin to improve your circulation almost immediately, and the benefits of doing this will include better heart function, better brain function, and so much more.

Alleviates Varicose Veins:

Blood pooling in your lower extremities is one of the primary culprits behind varicose veins. Many people don’t like the way these veins look, but they can also be problematic where your health is concerned. To that end, an inversion table can be enormously powerful against reducing these unsightly veins.

Revitalizes Internal Organs:

Your lymphatic system can become more efficient through inversion therapy. This also means your oxygen is increasing, and it also translates to your circulation improving. All of your internal organs are going to benefit from these things. In fairly short order, you can expect the organs throughout your entire body to feel definitively revitalized.

Boosts The Immune System:

Your immune system does a lot, in terms of keeping your body safeguarded from various illnesses and other conditions. Keeping that in mind, you are going to want to do everything possible to improve the overall function and quality of your immune system. As you improve things like circulation and blood flow, you are going to be able to get blood, oxygen, and other vital components to your immune system. You are also going to be able to give your body the rest it sorely needs, while you are using the inversion table. Many believe inversion therapy can dramatically improve the overall quality of the immune system.

Aids In Digestion:

The benefits of inversion therapy for digestion are only now beginning to get the attention, and perhaps the respect, this perk truly deserves. As feces moves from small intestines to your large intestines, it often has to deal with working against gravity. With an inversion table, things are going to be a good deal different. The inversion table can cause gravity to help in the digestion process, rather than acting as something that can sometimes get in the way of proper digestion.

Furthermore, inversion therapy can also remove the old fecal matter that clings to your system, causing health problems.

Improves Function Of The Lymphatic System:

We sometimes forget the enormous value of your lymphatic system. While it may not be as attention-getting as things like hearts, lungs, brains, or other major organs, the lymphatic system is nonetheless something that is extremely important. Yet again, we see an aspect of our health that can be greatly improved through the use of an inversion table.

This is the system that is responsible for getting toxins out of your body. Since the heart does not play a role in pumping/circulating your lymphatic fluids, mechanical forces, carried out when you move, is going to be responsible for the process. Gravity can cause these fluids to pool in certain parts of the body, which can cause varying degrees of discomfort or pain. Good exercise can do a lot against this, but inversion therapy is perhaps even more effective. Rather than forcing your body to work against gravity, inversion therapy creates a situation in which gravity works with things. The fluids are then drawn from the areas in which they have begun to pool. At this point, you are going to begin to experience the benefits of an improved lymphatic system. Best of all, you will feel these benefits in no time.

Anti-Aging Effects:

An inversion table might just be the closest thing we ever get when it comes to recreating the fountain of youth. We won’t promise that you will actually be able to turn back the hands of time. However, given that inversion therapy improves various functions while helping to improve flexibility and eliminate toxins, it is reasonable to assume that you will look and feel younger. We sometimes forget that oxygen plays a major role in how we age. Improve your oxygen flow, and you will improve the way your body ages. Just a few minutes per day can transform you.

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