Inversion Table Ultimate Buyers Guide

Be it back pain, slipped disc or just the need for relaxing at the end of a hard day of work, Inversion tables are a boon. In fact, the niche is so well received in the market today that there are new brands sprouting out each day. In this scenario how can one find the perfect inversion table?

We believe that the perfect inversion table is possible through a Five step process.

Brand Name:

Inversion tables may be relatively new in the market but the concept is prehistoric (no pun intended!). With some brands being present for 30 plus years and others just a few years old, how do you find out if a particular brand can be trusted.

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Certifications & Customer Reputation:

Certifications and test results help consumers decide better. The second step in choosing the right inversion table is finding out who meets the certifications prevalent in the niche. Add to this the overall customer appraisal for the brand and particular model – you get a decent idea of what you will be spending for.

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Top Rated Inversion Tables:

Durability And Sturdiness:

An inversion table unlike any other piece of fitness or relaxation equipment possess immense life risks. Falling on your head never is a pleasant experience and if you have slip disc syndrome or severe back pain, you don’t even want to entertain such scenarios. Find out how to determine durability and sturdiness once you have understood which brands to look for.

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The Extra Things to Look For:

Every inversion table has a single motive – to invert the user to predefined positions. However, that isn’t the end of what it can do. Some models can help massage the back, others can hold specific positions and entertain simple exercises. There is a lot of variation in the market and this section will help you find out more. Ultimately at the end of this section, you will be ready to make a purchase.

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Five Things To Be Aware Of:

Even with the right inversion table, there are five problem areas that you will inevitably come across. We address them here in the buying guide so as to help our readers prepare themselves before their purchase starts exhibiting them.

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Inversion Table Reviews
Inversion Table Reviews
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