Inversion Table Hurt Your Ankles? Overcome This Obstacle

A lot of reviews on inversion tables, irrespective of the brand or make, seem to have a common grievance – it hurts the ankles or it is strenuous for the feet or prolonged usage leave ankles in a painful state. This creates almost a mental block for prospective customers and users, who assume that using an inversion table will probably leave them with perpetually sore ankles. Well, it is not so!

Here are a few things that can be done to avoid pressure on the feet or ankles.

inversion hurt ankle


  • For amateurs it will obviously be more difficult to bear the strain on the ankles. The first golden rule is not to use it bare feet. Always wear thick, comfortable and well-fitting socks at least for the first few days or weeks. Sometimes two layers of socks may also be used. For example, the bottom layer could be a pair of cotton socks topped with a pair of woolen socks. This would provide adequate cushioning for the feet and ankles, thereby lessening the pain.
  • Another option is wearing a pair of good quality sports shoes. Usually it is recommended to wear both socks and shoes for extra comfort. The shoes should be of good quality and more importantly should fit perfectly. This will improve the grip and will also not damage the equipment. Tennis shoes may also be used.
  • The relatively expensive option is gravity boots. Gravity boots seem to be the option which gives maximum respite from ankle pain. However, it is not that easy to use as opposed to simply wearing shoes and socks. You may often require assistance to use it, if you are not athletic enough. Plus it obviously costs more than regular sports shoes or socks.


Using an inversion table is just like using any other exercise equipment or for that matter doing any exercise even minus the machine, where initially, all your muscles seem to be crying out in pain but eventually the body gets adapted to it.  Likewise during the first few uses of inversion therapy, your ankles will certainly hurt or at least experience discomfort. But gradually, like it happens with other exercises, your body will get used to it.

Fearing the mild strain on the ankles will not reduce your multiple body aches like muscle spasms, joint pains, neck pain, back pain, etc. Inversion therapy is a great way of stretching your entire body, which solves a lot of your physical ailments. Straining the ankles or assuming that your feet will hurt should not be a reason to deprive yourself of this wonderful experience. Moreover, with the above mentioned three options you can always overcome the discomfort and stretch your way into a pain-free and stress-free body.

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