Inversion Tables – A Boon or Just Another Option?

We are living in an age where everything is extreme and it is becoming increasingly difficult, at least for most, to achieve the right balance and maintain a smooth life. Be it the level of work, the level of stress or the level of fun, everything is attaining new heights and more often than not it is leading to new levels of physical ailments as well. Everyone today is extremely conscious of their physical appearance, not just of how they look but also about how fit they are. Hitting the gym, practicing various forms of yoga, regular jogging, brisk walking, diet control, etc. have all become part of common parlance owing to the change in lifestyle. Fitness is, undoubtedly, one of the top priorities today.

inversion tables a boon?

One very common problem that bogs down a lot of people these days is back pain. Back pain is usually a result of spinal compression developing mostly due to extreme stress, bad posture; unless of course you have it as a corollary effect of some sort of operation or other problems like slip-disc etc. Whatever may be the cause, back pain can be a huge impediment in your day – to – day activities.

Frequent visits to the doctor, popping pills and injections do not seem to be a permanent solution to back problem nor do they give long term relief. Chiropractic session is also another option that many have discovered to treat their back pain. Chiropractic is an alternative method of treatment just like homeopathy and acupressure. Found in the 1890s, it was banned in the United States of America until 1987 but in the past few decades the demand for chiropractic has increased since it has been found particularly helpful in treating lower back pain. However, one ancient method of treatment, which originated around 3000 B.C., had been ignored until the very recent past – the Inversion Therapy.


Using an inversion table does a lot more than just curing back pain. Along with improving and increasing blood circulation, it increases flexibility, improves posture, relieves neck problems, prevents shrinkage due to old age and relieves stress. What is even better is that it is an effortless procedure and requires only a one – time investment contrary to the frequent spending of money on medicines, doctors and chiropractors.

Using an inversion table is quite simple. All it requires is hanging upside down with ankle supports on a backrest and then inverting your body at a preferred angle, which will be comfortable as well as beneficial. Devoting even a maximum of 10 minutes in a day will lead to wondrous results. Instant relief from back pain is also not quite unimaginable.

Hanging in an inverted position may not seem to be the most pleasant thing to do but it surely does have a positive effect. Those who have been complaining of back pain for years together will realise how 10 minutes of inversion table can make 20 years of back pain simply disappear. It obviously comes with the possibility of detriments like blood rush to the head, strain on ankles and uneasiness to heart patients, but it is just a matter of finding the right angle of inversion. Once the correct angle has been figured out, you might not even want to get off the table!

With the inversion table a fitter, better, pain-free and stress – free body is assured.

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