Invert Your Body To Avert Aging

If you are told that just by hanging upside down you could slow down your aging process, there are probably two possible reactions that you would give – i) you would think it is some kind of a hoax; or ii) you would think it is a miracle. Well, it is neither a hoax nor a miracle, but it certainly is possible. The answer lies in inversion therapy.

inversion slow aging

While gravity is responsible for pulling down almost everything towards the earth, it is also partially responsible for pulling down or sagging of our body and face, as we grow old. Inversion therapy facilitates anti – aging by acting against the force of gravity and thus, utilizing that opposite energy to slow down the process of crumbling with age.

Both yoga and inversion therapy are ancient methods of maintaining physical and mental strength. In the past few decades yoga has attained new heights of popularity whereas inversion therapy has become restricted only to cure back pain and joint problems. The other health benefits of inversion therapy or using an inversion table is still unknown to many, whether non – users or users. Not many are aware of the fact that inversion therapy forms part of yogic postures and reaps equally healthful benefits. The head-stands that are practiced in yoga are nothing but inversion therapy, but not everyone can do a headstand for a longer time without any support. Therefore, using an inversion table only makes it more effortless.


Conventionally, before the invention of inversion tables, people practicing the inversion therapy would strap their feet to a raised bar or support and leave their body to freely hang upside down without any support. This could lead to nausea after a while though. But with the inversion table, it has become much simpler and one can easily practice inversion therapy on a proper backrest and ankle – clamped supports, with the liberty of choosing the comfortable angle of inversion.

The de-stressing effects and strengthening of muscles and joints are well known benefits of an inversion table. The lesser known advantages are that using an inversion table tremendously improves blood circulation especially in the face and scalp region resulting in increased oxygen flow as well, thereby lessening wrinkles and improving hair as well. The overall quality of skin and hair is invigorated and one witnesses lesser fine lines and a smooth glowing skin.

Also, many people develop the problem of varicose veins as they grow old. The blood keeps rushing to the legs due to gravitational force. Using the inversion table makes the blood flow away from the legs, thus relieving you from the problem of varicose veins. Other benefits of using an inversion table are better eyesight, improved memory, improved hearing ability and a stronger immune system – all of which become slightly impaired with age.


As much as inversion tables help in anti – aging and this itself is a big attraction to bring one home, one should not hastily jump into purchasing it. It is undoubtedly, one of the must – have equipment but make sure you consult your doctor before purchasing one especially if you have health problems like high blood pressure, heart – related complaints, cataract, etc. For beginners it may be slightly cumbersome to use but with time you’ll get comfortable.

Take note of your health ailments, consult your doctor, put in some research into the options available in the market, decide your budget and then bring an inversion table for a younger and fitter you!

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