Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Review

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Review

The Teeter Hang Ups EP – 560 is extremely user-friendly.

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In today’s fast paced and challenging lifestyle, stress and other physical ailments are more common than it used to be, perhaps a few years ago. To relieve you of these, popping pills and paying enormous medical bills isn’t the brightest idea. So, here enters your life the Teeter Hang Ups EP – 560 Inversion Table – an answer to your perpetual back pain, rusted joints, compromised flexibility and much more. The thought of lying upside down for several minutes may seem nauseous but when you use the Teeter Hang Ups – 560 you’ll realize that gravity can do bigger wonders than simply keeping your feet grounded!

For a rookie user of inversion tables, however, assembling it may seem quite a tedious task. But once it has been put together you will not regret it. Being well-built, durable and adjustable it is definitely a satisfying investment.

About the Teeter Hang Ups EP-560

Size & Storage:

The size of the Teeter Hang Ups – 560 is 60 x 59 x 29 inches and is foldable thereby not making it difficult for storage. When folded up it is approximately 18 inches hence one can easily slip it under the bed when not in use. However, it obviously requires more space while using it. Since it comes with adjustable settings, your height, even if you are 6’4” tall, doesn’t really act as a hindrance.

Installation & First Time Setup:

It claims to be 90% pre – assembled with only 20 minutes required to do the remaining assembling. Whereas practically it requires more assembling, which we certainly could not complete in the time claimed. It is provided with an instruction manual and a DVD with the requisite video as well, both of which are slightly inadequate. Albeit it does not need joining every nut bolt from scratch, a novice might nevertheless experience difficulty in putting it together. The DVD serves better clarity than the written instructions.

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Comfort & Support:

The Teeter Hang Ups – 560 comes with a head pillow and padded ankle cups making it quite a comfortable experience. However, on using it continuously for a long span of time we experienced slight discomfort at the ankles, depending on the body weight. Wearing tennis shoes or socks can assure better comfort. The head pillow could do with a little more cushioning.

The ComforTrak bed boosts spinal comfort, is flexible and provides complete support at all angles. Additionally, it has handles providing good grip and a secured lock – out system which allows complete vertical inversion of the body.

Ruggedness & Durability:

In one word it can be called ‘rock – solid’! It is a lifetime investment and comes with an extremely robust body. Apart from a few screws and minor parts, which may not be that strong, the Teeter EP – 560 is durable with firm welds. It will last for many years without any major wear and tear. The construction of the machine is solid and first rate and it can bear the burden of a tall and heavy person as easily as that of a lanky one. However, an excessively overweight person may require assistance in reverting to the original position from the inverted position. It has a weight limit of approximately 300lbs.

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Ease of Use:

We feel the Teeter Hang Ups EP – 560 is extremely user – friendly. Initially one may experience uneasiness and blood rush, hence it is recommended to use it for 2 – 3 minutes in the beginning and then gradually increase the time. Rather than running to a chiropractor or a physiotherapist, spending 10 minutes a day on the inversion table can do wonders. It offers traction handles for better stretch and oscillation. The track bed has loops to install the acupressure nodes and lumbar bridge which add to the experience.

Warranty & Brand Image:

Teeter is a US based 33 year old company, which has attained a top position in the inversion market. The Teeter Hang Ups EP – 560 comes with a 5 year manufacture warranty. However, the service isn’t really satisfactory. One big drawback is that the bonus acupressure nodes and lumbar bridges were not dispatched within the stipulated period and constant emails regarding the same were also not responded to. Any other queries regarding the product were also not answered.


From curing back pain to herniated discs, achieving flat stomach to right posture, improving blood circulation to stretching muscles the EP 560 does it all. Barring a few problems, it definitely has more pros than cons. We have witnessed remarkable effects in just a few days after beginning to use it. Anyone from the age of 16 to 60 can comfortably use it with assured results. Several years of back pain will disappear before you realise, that too without having to put in too much effort and without pinching your pocket. Spending a few minutes per day on the Teeter Hang Ups EP – 560 will leave you with a better shape and fitter body!

Features and Specifications:

  • Accurate balancing
  • Additional easy – to – fit accessories : Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge Foldable
  • Firm lock – out facilitating complete inversion
  • Secured ankle clamps
  • Handles aiding better grip and stretching
  • Certified UL tested quality
  • Includes Instruction Manual and DVD
  • 5 year manufacture warranty


Pros: Sturdy, Easy storage, Comfortable, Adjustable, Very effective, Instant relief, Value for money.

Cons: Requires more time to assemble unlike what is claimed. Insufficient assembling instructions. Mild discomfort at ankles. Not recommended for vertigo patients. Problem faced in delivery of bonus accessories.

Teeter EP-560 Inversion Table for back pain relief, FDA Cleared, 3rd-Party Certified

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Review
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